Another Awakening

In an ecstasy of madness
I broke my chains
it took many years
before I realized what I had done
A shadow, cast by moonlight, alerted me
to my freedom
I wandered, unfettered, lost
remembering a past self gone
I carried the pain of loss and sorrow deep within
I tried to drown my afflictions
but I could not
so I drank them instead
I dove into the endless sea
and as I stood ashore I found
my feathers unfurled
wings long unused were stretched and flexed
I rose aloft, as I remembered, and flew
between the worlds as I have always done
carrying those things that I am given to deliver
the seeds of things to be
planting them in their proper place and time
and continuing on, through realms of light and dark and in between.
Nothing has changed really, except me.
I am a bit more cautious now, more careful of my effects on those whom I encounter.
I have seen the suffering of careless acts
the senseless destruction of denial and delusion
the betrayal of dishonesty and doubt
and the erosion of foundations by uncertainty
these are not the things I wish to represent
and knowing, I am afraid
but still I am compelled to fly
and to deliver
It is the task that I was given
and so I pray
help me to do no harm


One comment on “Another Awakening

  1. Wow. We are in Colorado right now and I was thinking of you. And you finally put a new post up. How the heck are you?

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