This site has become an archive of older posts, mostly poetry written by yours truly. Feel free to browse around and comment. I will still be checking in on occasion to browse a bit myself. Enjoy:)


5 comments on “Notice:

  1. I was thinking about you, then noticed that someone came into my site – from here.

    How odd 😉 Hope you are well.

    We’ve been looking at homes in NM. Are you still there? Will probably re-locate there.

    • Hi Teresa, That was me popping over to your site:) Things are well here. I have been back in my home state, California, for a couple years now. We recently moved to Lone Pine, in the Owens Valley in the shadow of Mount Whitney. It’s another majestic spot. NM is pretty awesome in spots too. I still think about my acequia in Taos sometimes. It sure was nice having that river to irrigate with. What part of NM are you thinking? I noticed the URL in your comment and found my way to your new site. Looking forward to reading your posts:)

      • Have been looking from Los Lunas all the way up to Albuquerque – and a bit beyond.

        Might do something crazy, Jim. We love it so much there, we might go ahead and buy the house and move – and look for a job when we get there.

        Yikes…kind of risky, huh?


        • Lol! Yes, it’s risky, but sometimes you’ve just got to make the leap and figure it all out when you get there! Lord knows I’ve done that a few times and I’m still here:)

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