It’s a tough road, but a good one

It’s been a while since I visited this site.
It looks pretty good
I figured I’d better write something while I’m here
I don’t find myself writing much lately
as you can see
I still love words though
I am still driven to speak
that which cannot be spoken
It is my happy curse
I’ve got another blog
you can find it here
I don’t write there much either
maybe once a month lately
but it has java widgets
which I like
and a nifty header
I miss all my fancy wordpress plugins
but it’s probably for the best
I still haven’t made any music videos
and I’m selling my high end mac
so no more garage band to play with
But the vast unspoken mystery
is still pounding at my door
perhaps I’ll let it in
and finally rise to my potential
It’s a tough road
but a good one