Well, I must say that does NOT do justice to the wonderful WordPress open source CMS platform available at I’ve just discovered that Javascript is not supported here, which means I can’t have many of my fun widgets on this blog. Frankly, I’m much more impressed with blogger at this point, which makes me rather sad. I am very tempted to leave this blog as an archive of the posts from my old WP site, and focus more on working up a nice site at I’m still playing with it all so we’ll see…

Winter is fast approaching here at 7000ft and my mind is beggining to turn towards artistic pursuits. I still have to go out and hustle up cash to pay my bills, but I can feel my focus moving inward. I have begun to experiment with Garageband on my Mac and am even tempted to do a little painting or sculpting. Again… We’ll see. If I come up with anything that I think might be interesting to anyone else I’ll post it. Maybe I’ll even put a podcast together with music and poetry….Hmmm:)


6 comments on “Hmmm…

  1. Is there anything you don’t do? You don’t here much form me but I’m impressed by you and your many talents. I have never used personally but have a few friends that have and what they are able to do it blows by mind…Though I consider myself tech challenged I still found myself frustrated on and made a happy leap to blogspot.

    I just started two new blogs but I feel out of creative juice when it comes to finding the write layout and such… partly because life is happening and I am not spending a lot of time taking care of my first love, blogging.

    • Jim Spaulding says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Prettyselfish. I’m afraid that I am a proverbial “Jack of all, master of none.” I have never made a podcast, and have only dabbled in painting and sculpture. I have played quite a bit of music though, and WP is really very user friendly: No code knowledge necessary. The admin is identical to the one at, with much more functionality available. There are literally thousands of free, open source, plugins and themes that can be installed right from the admin panel.

      I hear you on life happening and taking up time. Thankfully, life happening for me includes doing things that I love. I am cursed(and blessed) with myriad interests. Much of my daily work includes doing things that I genuinely enjoy, such as groundskeeping and framing. I love working with the art and the plants and the dirt and the sun and the rain. I also love the bang for the buck of finishing a small job in a few hours and gleaning a nice sense of accomplishment and pride in workmanship of a job well done. “Give a man a task, and he shall be content”:)

  2. Teresa Silverthorn says:

    Hey Jim,

    Thought I’d stop by, since I’m back at BC (long story, don’t ask)

    Looking at your site, reminds me of our trip to NM, and how blissful it was. Matter of fact, it was so blissful that it has a tendency to make me sad whenever I think about it, instead of making me happy. I do miss it, and we’re planning to go again in the Spring. I appreciate your being around when I called you that day, that was so nice to hear your voice. Taos was beautiful, but we weren’t there long enough to see everything.

    Anyway, I could go on and on. Just stopping by to say hello…

    • I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit here. It is one of those place that can get under your skin. We are getting ready to move to eastern California in a couple weeks here, so will likely miss you on your next visit. A little piece of myself will still be here though so you may run into my echo:)

  3. Teresa Silverthorn says:

    “Jack of all, master of none.”

    To your credit, I will take the liberty of re-phrasing that to:

    “Jack of all, master of some….”

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