Tomorrow I drive to Santa Fe

Echoes of the ancients
unravelling amongst the vigas
digging in the ditches dug
300 years ago
my life unfolding before me
bringing itself to my undying attention
showing me where my faults lie
shedding light upon my strength
bringing me closer to that which is myself
in all my incantations and incarnations of being
today I watered my garden
tomorrow I drive to Santa Fe


Well folks, I did it again. Another learning experience with WordPress. I deleted a database table that I shouldn’t have deleted and am just fortunate that I found an xml backup on my hard drive. Of course I found the sql backup right after that. But alas, it was too late. So here we are…. It feels kind of good to have another freshish start, and it gives me a little project to work on. It is now the witching hour(3am), though, and I think it is time for a little folding of the hands(sleep)…