Yslow Strikes Again, Almost.

Well I have managed to get my YSlow score up to 84 without needing to reinstall WordPress.  I did start getting 404 and 500 errors, but managed to work backwards and make a few life saving maneuvers.  The only thing I haven’t been able to make any real progress on is the whole CDN thing. I am not sure exactly how or where to implement the YUIs into my site.  I don’t know that it would even make much difference at this point as the site has very little content, but I am curious as to how it is done nonetheless.  I have managed to implement an expires header, GZIP some of my components, get the JS in the footer and the CSS in the header, reduce http calls, configure Etags to None, and a few other little tweaks.  If anyone happens to have Firebug installed I would be grateful for any advice.  Signing off…


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