All of My Musings

All of my musings cannot compare
to the splendor and mystery that is

Perhaps it is pointless that I write
but alas, I cannot stop
I am driven to a strange purpose
enthralled by the gods
to translate into words
that which cannot be spoken


Who is Behind the Mirror?

What do you hope to gain
by all of this?
Neither fame nor fortune can tell
who is behind the mirror
They say the best man is the master of himself
that no other mastery counts for more than this
Is time the one thing that money cannot buy?
or is it Love?

Philosophy is Easy

Philosophy is easy
but relating is hard
I ask myself why
The answer eludes me
How does one relate
to another?
How do you bridge that gap
between the worlds of two people?
How do you achieve intimacy?
How is it sustained?
Standing in the dark
I reach out my hand
hoping you are there

My Thoughts

My thoughts
sometimes echo like the eagles cry
sometimes wander and burble like the mountain stream
sometimes whisper like the wind through a deep forest
sometimes ebb and flow like the tide
or crash and thunder like great waves upon the shores of consciousness
Sometimes they come in fits and starts
sometimes seeming to disappear altogether
only to reappear again in new form or dimension

Jesus and John Lennon

Some people say I look like Jesus
and some people say I look like John Lennon
I know little about Jesus
and less about Lennon
I wonder what it means

Do people see me
as some kind of
holy rockstar
or what?

Should I worry
Should I be glad
honored, neutral?

It’s too much to be coincidence
I even had a lady tell me once
that I was the love-child
of her
and Lennon
She was very sure about it

It’s really strange
It makes me wonder
if I’m supposed to do something about it
about me and John Lennon and Jesus
Am I supposed to learn something here?

Or do people just want to see
Jesus and John Lennon
walking down the street together

Insatiable Thirst

I’ve insatiable thirst
come drink from my well
I am blessed
I am cursed
I’ve story to tell
ye may find it familiar if you listen well
“Tis the story of heaven
the story of hell

Ask me a question
I’ll tell you a lie
‘though a more honest man ye may never come by
I’ll tell you the truth
’till I open my mouth
and all of creation will come poring out

The rhyme and the reason
I never did see
though I’ve long had the feeling they’re walking with me