The Middleman

When the blasted curse befell me
I was struck down, blind and dumb
by unseen light and silent sound
and so began my run
through the ragged realms of death and birth

…A preacher spoke upon the pulpit
A messiah rained down hell on earth…

My eyes still bleed
from the sight of the forbidden
encountered in the wastelands of a nameless place
Long forgotten incantations rang inside my head
calling on the the suns to die
the stars to dance
the seasons change
I thought then surely that I must be dead

But since that beast betrayed me
my mind has been disjointed
I can’t distinguish dreamtime
from daily memory
I travel through the middle realms
the place of no dimensions
the place where all the borders cease to be

The mist sometimes is gloomy here
my wings grow tired and greasy
The light that comes from everywhere
it makes some creatures queasy
That’s why I stand here at the crossroads
just in case you need me
to hold your hand for just a while
before you die completely