9 Times 11

9 times 11
45 the ages of man written in the annals of time
the somnambulist spills his cup on the streets of the apocalypse
the hero runs rampant amongst the stones of the philosophers
the fool falls madly off the precipice of reality
unknowing of the rainbow
bringing winds of change to the cities of man
striking fear in the heart of the diplomat
with the freedom of a soul unfettered by the chains of conformity
inspiring the vagabond to set his sights
upon the horizon of the unknown



Aching for deliverance
my freedom toils upon me
I seek to find myself
beyond the realms of consequence
tomorrow brings another chance
a fresh beginning in the dance
my life unfolds in endless dreams
of catalysts and running streams
of freedom for all sentient beings
I wonder what that really means
Freedom is a choice they say
a gift, a task, a part to play
I wonder what they really say
at home after a long, hard day
Let freedom ring!
let freedom through!
Today I’ll just be free with you