Lost Words Remembered

Words written, lost, and remembered. Memory being what it is, they are of course not all remembered exactly and often get mixed and blended together. Time is a funny thing, it often seems more like an ocean than a road. Things burble and surface and crash and disappear again only to pop up on a beach ten thousand miles away with a rubber o-ring hanging off of a piece of rope wrapped around a corner and maybe, if your lucky, one of those old glass floats in a woven rope bag whispering old sea yarns to the crabs and the sun.


Who Knows the Prophet?

Who knows the prophet who stands by the willow
the fountain of prophecy bold in the shadows
Sleep in the shadows their light will unbind you
sending your spirit sweet deep in your soul
The jester grins loudly
the gypsy grins slow
the fool grins madly at the gathering snow
There are times to come and there are times to go
so savor it, savor it all through the show