I am Still the Sun

Deep crimson twilight
Emerald caverns
filled with visions
drawing me deeper
into the earth

I am afraid
I will be lost
in moist, hot darkness

I cannot resist
I know it is calling me
I go into it
I cannot see
just as I am in total darkness
a golden light blinds me
I know not where I am

It is the sun
The call of the dark earth
has brought me
into the light
as if passing through a veil
a membrane

The light fades
I see a flash of the surface in the sun above
I am in a great, round cavern
everywhere, the emerald glow

I think about Jules Verne
the earth
my mother
the woman I love
I float into the center
The golden glow surrounds me
infuses me
I am in the sun
I am the sun
I am a sacrifice
I die
I dream
I am exalted
I am a man
standing on the surface
in the sun

I remember
my sacrifice
The earth is glad
I am glad
All is right
Balance is restored
I am whole
The earth is satisfied

My thoughts return
to the woman I love
I am still the sun


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