Footsteps in the Sand

I strive continually
for some sort of balance
always falling one way or the other
I understand that this is the nature of balance
but it seems too far to me
Perhaps I am being too hard on myself
but I do not think so
Perhaps I am simply insane
this is possible
but it does not solve my problem
it only provides me with a convenient excuse
I can almost taste the cure
almost see the vision of my path to a joyful life of meaning
In the silence within me
I can see a light
I know it is that fabled spark that must be stoked
and tended
Within my heart I can feel something struggling to bloom
to grow
the child within that is myself
I know the mysteries of the stars
I have seen the glory of creation
cast in all its dazzling splendor
I have felt the pulse of life within my veins
and understood
And yet, I am lost
The sweet, clear cure turns bitter and ashen
in my mouth
the spark flares and then dies cold
the flower begins to bloom and quickly clamps closed again
the child begins to sing and dance
but stops and curls in to a painful ball
that breaks my heart and steals my joy
How can a man live such a life
and function day to day
in a world that values only the mundane
The mystic is a stranger indeed
Let me play my drum


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