Like the Moon

Sometimes I think about water. I think about all the lakes and rivers and oceans and tears and sweat and rain and fog in the world. Then I think about how all of that water is really part of the same big water, a crazy kind of a soup, and how whenever you touch any water anywhere you are touching all of the water everywhere in the world. This makes me feel better about it all somehow. I’m not sure why, but it’s very comforting. Like the moon.


I will Sing You a Dream

Archetypal images
arising in my thoughts
dancing in my dreams
From whence do they come?
To what do they speak?
These answers I know
within myself
They are my own
they speak to me
Handed down
from my ancestors
from the dawn of man
and before there was time
The dream is speaking
It has it’s own language
speaks it’s own truth
follows it’s own design

These things I know
I cannot tell you how
or why
but if you take my hand
I will show you
I will sing you a dream
I will play the heartbeat on my drum
fill the shadows with my violin
paint the sky with my voice
I will fill the void with my flute
and raise the tide with sound of digiridoo

This dream I will paint for you
I will build a bridge for you
to walk across
between the worlds
as I am carried along
the dreamer and the dream
entwined as one
I will dream a path
as the path dreams me

The Tsunami

I once had a dream that I surfed a tsunami. I haven’t really worried ever since.

Before that I had a dream that I was a revolutionary leader of some sort and the government wanted me dead. That one worried me a little.

All I can say is

Thank God for that tsunami.